tcds - Childminding Service for 0 - 15 year old's
 Scale of fees – Guidelines 2014
 next fee increase due in April 2017 (approx)
Contracted hours
Basic rate (full time)                                                 £3.50 per hour
Part-time                                                                   £3.75 per hour
Before/After school-Term-time only / Occasional     £4.00 per hour
Unsocial hours* (in addition to contracted hours)                  £5.00 per hour
                          (occasional/one-to-one care)                             £7:50 per hour
*before 8am or after 6pm/Weekends/Bank holidays

Reduced rate for more than one child from the same family.
Eldest child (when they attend at the same time)  rebate 
Example: 25p per hour
NB. Applies when one child attends at least 20 hours per week

Minimum weekly hours/fees - (whether place used or not):
We appreciate that this is not always consistent with the hours you require, but we are restricted to how many children we can care for and may not be able to fill the remaining time with another child, or it may prevent us from accepting another child who would need the hours you were using in addition to other days/hours, so a minimum fee is usually necessary to protect your child's placement.
Please note: You may still be asked to pay a retainer fee for days not required.
Under 5's                                                                    20 hours/£70.00
Before and after school 5 - 7 years                             10 hours/£37.50
Before and after school - term-time only                      10 hours/£40.00
8 years & over (when place available)                            5 hours/£20.00

Charges for absence - Standard contract
If a bank holiday falls on a contracted day                             Full fee
Due to child/parent/guardian illness/occasional days off       Full fee
Due to childminder illness/occasional days off                       No charge
Childminder paid time off/Holidays*                                      Half fee 
Parent/Guardian holiday *                                                      Half fee 
* 4 weeks per year
Transportation costs:
Local school, within short walking distance - No charge.
Smiley Happy People Nursery transport - £1.75 per child, per trip.
Retainer Fees:
This is usually equal to half the normal fees payable, and is paid in order to secure a place for future use and prevent it being offered to another child who may take it immediately. These are not a credit towards future childminding fees and will not be returned if the place is not taken up.
For example: fees payable to secure a place for use in 6 weeks time = 6 weeks fees ÷ 2

Deposits may be required to hold a place that will be available in the future = up to one months fees in advance.
Parents or childminders holidays will need 4 weeks notice given from either party (the more notice the better).
Terminating the contract
You will be asked to complete a 'termination of contract agreement' form.
Please be aware that contract termination requires 4 weeks notice, in writing, from either party or 4 weeks full fees in lieu of notice. The notice period cannot include holidays. If giving notice during a holiday period is unavoidable - the full fee expected for that period would still be payable.


We prefer that payments are paid in advance - either by cash, cheque or bank credit.
Payments made in arrears must be paid in cash or BACS/Bank credit.

Childcare Vouchers
We will accept payment from childcare voucher schemes. Money paid direct to us from your employer, is money you won't have to pay tax on, so please ask your employer about this.

Accounts are processed using the Babysdays system

You will be sent a welcome email with your own personal log-in details. You can access all our policies, procedures, information relevant to you and your child.

Invoices are provided every calendar month or bi-monthly to help you keep track of your costs and payments, etc.
Receipts are provided on request.

In the case of arrears arising, I reserve the right to refuse childcare for your child until all outstanding fees are paid in full.
I also reserve the right to add interest to arrears not paid at the agreed time. (usually 5% per week, but you will be advised of this before the charge is made, to give you time to pay. We do understand that sometimes there are exceptional circumstances)
Please make sure that funds are available, if you are paying by direct debits, standing orders, cheque or card, as I will charge £20 for any that are not paid.

Please be aware that failure to adhere to agreed payments may result in further action being taken. This may be in the form of County court judgement, or debt collectors. This will incur additional charges being added to your account.

Thank you